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As we enter a new decade, increasing numbers of us regularly feel overworked, overstretched, overwhelmed and at risk of burn out. We are constantly searching for ways to find balance and to reconnect with our path and purpose, which explains in part the soaring popularity of Health & Wellness Retreats. Indeed, the need to disconnect in order to re-connect has never been stronger. Luckily, here in the Land of Smiles we are blessed with warm, tropical surroundings and abundant nature, making Thailand and more specifically Phuket, a favorite ‘Wellness Destination’ in the eyes of many travelers. In a time poor world, the call for retreats is all too evident, so below we look at the best options for relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation both on and around the island.


Located in the South East of the island at stunning Cape Panwa, Amatara offer all inclusive Short Stay Retreat Options from 3 days upwards and can even customise the wellness retreat to suit your personal requirements. Unlike other wellness resorts, Amatara offers a wide range of healthy holidays to suit everyone in your family. Guests can opt for a fully comprehensive detox retreat program, energising yoga retreat, weight management program or can choose to simply go for a relaxing spa revive program. At the same time, guests who come with kids can also join the wellness program either as an individual wellness retreat program or family wellness program. For more information on what is on offer visit:


KARE for Women offer ladies only retreats designed to “awaken, rejuvenate and enlighten you by taking care of you from the moment of your arrival”. Recognising the daily demands placed on the modern women, KARE retreats provide a unique combination of nutrition, women’s health, yoga, movement & meditation to ensure you reconnect with and harness that Inner Goddess again. To enlighten the mind and body, they also offer sound healing, dance, cooking and women's health workshops. Complimentary Massage are included in the package, as well as plenty of time for beach chilling, leisurely naps and day trips out to the islands or to visit local hot spots. They have two new retreat packages for 2020: The Mini Getaway, 2 days/1 night and Full Retreat for 5 days/4 nights. For exciting new locations in and around Phuket as well as dates visit


Santosa Detox & Wellness Center, located close to world famous Kata Beach, offers various detox programs & wellness retreats from 1 to 21 days, all year round. The wellness programs encompass Detox, Yoga, Cleansing, Vegan Nutrition and Emotion Healing. From body to mind to soul, at Santosa you can always find a program that fits your need or you have the option to customise your own to suit. Their dedicated team of Health & Wellness professionals will work with you at your own pace to help you discover where you are standing physically and emotionally, offering the best advice along the way to truly make you toxin/stress free. Detox, weight loss, full fast, juice fast and raw food fast, colon cleansing, fitness and yoga classes as well as a dedicated vegan restaurant – these are just some of the many opportunities awaiting you at the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket. Discover more at


Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort is Asia’s premier healthy holiday destination, located just 20 minutes from Phuket International Airport. Over the course of a minimum 3 days/nights they offer an intense Delightful Detox Package. Thanyapura’s detox program is comprehensive, giving the best defense to eliminate toxins and toxic build-up in your body, gut and brain. They take a total approach to detoxification through rest, a meal plan high in alkaline foods, hormonal balance, IV therapies, and colonics. The package inclusions are extensive and highly focused. You will be sure to leave feeling lighter, cleaner and clearer headed. If you are short on time, sports oriented and need quick & lasting results, this would be a good option for you. For more details visit:


The LifeCo Phuket is nestled in an idyllic spot between Nai Thon & Nai Yang beaches in the North of the island. Their approach to health is based on four main pillars; Nutrition, Flexibility, Mind and Environment that balances & heals the body, mind and spirit all together. They offer both short and long stay Detox Programs as well as a number of Wellness Packages - all of which are result oriented and tailor made, inviting guests to ‘stay as long as you need’. The LifeCo encompasses raw vegan cuisine and metabolic treatments & therapies alongside physical and spiritual exercises to facilitate the individual’s transition to a healthier lifestyle. Their signature Master Detox Program was proudly awarded the ‘Best Detox Programme 2018’ at the World Spa Awards last year. For more information visit

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