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Juliette Eve Nutritionist


Whilst living as a Brit in Australia, I worked in the Organic Skincare & Make Up industry, building relationships with Health Food Retailers and educating them re the benefits of using certified organic products. Working alongside Nutritionists & Naturopaths catapulted my interest in Health Foods and all the amazing products & supplements we can utilize to ensure optimal health as well as disease prevention.

Upon moving to Thailand, I began my formal studies in Holistic Nutrition with a special focus on Ethical & Sustainable Eating. I subsequently gained a Distinction in Child & Adolescent Nutrition as well as Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition.  I am now a fully qualified & practicing Nutritionist in Bangkok. I am also an accredited member of the International School of Holistic Medicine (ICHM).


  • S.N.H.S Diploma with Distinction Holistic Nutrition 

  • S.N.H.S Diploma with Distinction Ethical & Sustainable Eating

  • S.N.H.S Diploma with Distinction Child & Adolescent Nutrition

  • S.N.H.S Diploma with Distinction Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition 

  • Vital Health Course with Zach Bush, MD

  • S.N.H.S Diploma Advanced Nutrition (current)

  • Accredited Member of the International School of Holistic Medicine (ICHM)


As the mother of a young child and a qualified Child Nutritionist, I also know firsthand the importance of setting solid foundations for kids’ nutrition alongside the challenges this entails! I am passionate about child nutrition in the knowledge that if we can get this right early on, we can set our children up for a lifetime of better health and optimal wellbeing.

As well as working with private clients, I spend my time researching & writing about the relationship between diet, disease and the environment. Travelling and meeting like-minded individuals in the field of sustainable agriculture, organic farming & biodiversity has propelled me in the knowledge that human health & planetary health cannot be separated.

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