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Nutritious and healthy food


Seeds of Changes was born out of the realisation that we can all make positive and lasting changes, both for ourselves and for the environment without having to eat or act ‘perfectly’. I take a very holistic approach to health and fortunately, many of the changes we can make to improve our own wellbeing go hand-in-hand with improving the wellbeing of the planet we live on.


I have successfully helped my clients with:

  • Transitioning to an organic, chemical free food system

  • Cholesterol Management

  • Digestive issues & Gut health problems

  • Poor Energy Levels and Immune System Complaints

  • Transitioning to a Plant-Based Diet: becoming Vegetarian or Vegan.

  • Managing Food Allergies & Food Intolerances

  • Meal Planning: applying the principals of a specific eating plan

I am realistic about your goals and how best to achieve & sustain these, working within the framework of different family dynamics, lifestyles and career commitments.

At Seeds of Changes, we know that the confidence you gain by making changes & creating positive habits will help inspire you to bigger and better things – this is proven. Each change is a small win or victory that you can leverage to create other positive habits in your life for you and for your family – present or future.


I approached Juliette a few months ago from a recommendation as I’d been unhealthily underweight for more than two years. Juliette took a lot of time and care to delve deep into the reasons for my weight and formulated a plan that has helped me to increase my weight healthily by 10% in 3 months. I can’t thank her enough as I now have much more energy and feel stronger mentally and physically. Furthermore, I’m eating very healthy and now have plenty of options both at home and out locally thanks to Juliette’s great knowledge of what’s around.

Poria, Phuket

I am very grateful for Juliette. Not only is she knowledgeable but also kind and caring. I was a challenge. High cholesterol. High inflammation and lactose intolerant. Not sleeping. I didn't know which way to go. Juliette helped me every step of the way. Taking the time to explain to me about different foods. She even came to the supermarket with me! (On FaceTime). Most importantly for me, each step was realistic. I'm only a few months on the new lifestyle path but the results are already coming through. Sleeping better. Weight loss. Lower cholesterol. Thank you Juliette
Sara, Hong Kong

"My daughter and I met Juliette for an hour session back in March. We found her to be very knowledgeable on nutrition and had a wealth of information concerning a healthy diet, recipe ideas and even tips on where to shop for good produce. Juliette was very helpful in the weeks thereafter on WhatsApp during lockdown - with follow ups and support where needed. I would recommend Juliette to anyone who is looking for nutritional help or advice.

We look forward to another session online across the miles now that we are overseas.

A kind, friendly and professional lady, we wish Seeds Of Changes all the very best, may her business grow from strength to strength!"

Nicole and Hannah Snyders, Phuket

"Over the years, I have picked up some bad eating habits and not really thought enough about what I am eating and when.   Juliette has really given me food for thought. I have been taking small steps, with her encouragement in changing and improving my eating habits.   Baby steps, slow but sure, moving in the right direction and it is working for me!   I am losing weight, taking less medication and planning my meals and snacks ahead of time which reduces my impulse eating.   I'm very happy with the service provided by Seeds of Changes."
Graham, Phuket.

"If you are struggling with your diet or the effects of your diet, give Juliette some of your time. You will get honest practical advice, easy to implement suggestions and an incredible amount of knowledge about the facts of nutrition. My cholesterol was a little high and following her guidance my levels came down dramatically after around 6 weeks. Juliette will support you through the process and i genuinely enjoyed our one to one sessions that helped me set myself on a new path."

Liam, Phuket

"I've been struggling with not sleeping well before my baby, I partied too much, I had no schedule for anything etc however I did not feel tired. When I was pregnant I rested and slept like an angel. Of course when baby was born, ZAZ! Sleeping went down the toilet again. I got an activity/sleep tracking device, I tried a routine, did so many changes and yet still waking up exhausted.
Now it has been over two weeks that I wake up feeling pretty good and with so much more energy than before: I am not sleeping longer, I am sleeping better. THANK YOU Seedsofchanges for guiding us into better eating and listening to our needs, it is amazing what can be accomplished and I have learnt so much."
Karen, Phuket

"I really enjoyed working with Juliette because she took the time to explain things to me & help me understand just how important a correct nutrition plan is, providing expert education around food for the purpose of myth busting the many food rules created over the years.   She did an excellent job to understand my needs and working around my busy schedule, provided a list of safe eatery's around my area and was always available for any questions/doubts about food.
The coaching was inspiring, action-oriented and non-judgmental and it made a great impact on me without having to make too many dietary sacrifices.
Highly recommend!"

Roberto, Phuket

"When I had my first consultation with Juliette I had been on increasing doses of prescription drugs to treat long term acid reflux & heart burn. Around 2-3 weeks later I noticed I wasn’t experiencing the symptoms any more which was incredible given years and years of discomfort.
I also didn’t have to completely overhaul my diet, just some simple changes made all the difference. Juliette provided recipe ideas to suit me & my family as well as getting me on the right probiotic. Should have seen a Nutritionist years ago! "
Amy, London UK

"Many thanks for submitting your final examination in the Holistic Nutrition course. You have achieved a Grade A pass with Distinction. Congratulations on such a positive result, this is the highest award which we bestow"
School of Natural Health Sciences, London UK 

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