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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

There is something wonderfully comforting about perusing the shelves of a health food store, filled with good, ethical and real food. There is a feel-good factor that comes from purchasing items designed to nourish and heal, devoid of sensationalist marketing tactics and misleading messages. Often, before you’ve even consumed your purchases, there is a placebo effect in play - a positive mood prevails knowing that you are looking after yourself, your family and the planet; a healthy high.

As the worldwide interest in health and wellbeing and continues to grow, Phuket continues to keep pace with an increasing number of health food stores. We went searching for the best of what the island has to offer: these stores are some of our favourites.


Greze Natural & Healthy is a café and health food shop located just a stone’s throw from Central Festival Shopping Mall. Open daily from 8.30am, Greze is the creation of a husband and wife team fusing Asian and European culinary influences with a passion for real food, made from real ingredients

One owner hails from Greece and started the business making homemade Greek yogurt using an ancient method, devoid of sweeteners or preservatives and packed with gut healthy probiotics – it’s quite possibly the most fresh and tasty yogurt you will ever eat. The popularity of his yogurt inspired the creation of Greze as a place for people to enjoy good, clean, homemade food with an array of health products on offer to enjoy at home. Fellow owner, Pitchy, fervently describes her belief that ‘’all humans must use food for healing, as nutrition is medicine’’ and this is only too evident in the products they sell and the ingredients they use to create the aptly named ‘Healthy Food Menu’.


Khun Pa’s Organic is something of an institution on the island, having first opened its doors over a decade ago. The shop itself is located just 1km from Monument and they also deliver all over Phuket. If you do visit the shop, you’ll find a small selection of well-sourced, organic fruit and vegetables, as well as homemade yogurts, deserts and specialty items for healthy living.

No mention of Khun Pa’s should go without referencing their island-renowned organic detox juices and their guided Juice Programs for Weight Loss and Detoxification. All their juices are made with organic, non-GMO fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs and are ‘pressed’ to ensure nutrient rich enzymes remain intact. They offer personalised programs from 1 day to 10 days and all juices are delivered fresh in recycled glass bottles to your home or your hotel.

For more information visit


Limitless Performances is the new kid on the block, opening its doors at Blue Tree in 2019. The brainchild of Alexis Plantard, world number three for judo and wrestling, Limitless Performances offers fully comprehensive nutritional support for peak performance in the form of supplements such as creatine, glutamine and whey.

Pro-Athlete Alexis also recognizes the demand for plant-based proteins, with organic hemp, pea, brown rice and pumpkin protein powders lining the shelves. They have around 50 different kind of superfoods in the shop with staff on hand to help you for find the product to best suit your needs: be it for fatigue, muscle pain, menopause or other. All their delicious energy balls are homemade and for the more daring among you, they even stock an environmentally friendly protein bar made from crickets!


This hidden gem is nestled behind the lake at Nai Harn in the south of the island and offers a one-stop shop for all your healthcare needs as well as an organic vegan café, swimming pool and sauna. Owner and founder, Douridas Kostas is a true pioneer in Thailand, introducing certified organic products, natural macrobiotic health care and nutrition counselling through macrobiotic and Dr.Kousmine protocols. He was also first in the production of high-quality Omega 3 and 6 cold pressed oils from seeds and nuts.

His passion for food and his understanding of what we need to sustain our physical and mental well-being is exemplified in the diversity and quality of the products sold. You could happily spend a few hours here and you’ll leave feeling all the better for it.

For more information about what is on offer, including raw and vegan cooking classes, visit:


Pro Nutrition Thailand has been serving fitness enthusiasts on the island since its first store opened in Patong Beach in 2006. They quickly became the pioneers of the sports supplement industry, being the first and only such store operating in Thailand at the time. The popularity of the Patong store led to the opening of Pro Nutrition Chalong in 2013. Over the course of many years, Pro Nutrition has built up a solid customer base and reputation, with many pro level athletes and fighters among their loyal customer base.

Founder & CEO Johnny comments that “whilst counterfeit items are a concern in Thailand, even with sports supplements, my customers are assured our products are genuine and of top quality and that’s what keeps them coming back”. Pro Nutrition Thailand specialize in all things sports & fitness related, ranging from supplements to training gear and apparel, as well as offering consultation services to help clients resolve hormonal issues revolving around TRT.

For more information visit


O-Oh Organic Farm is a chain of café’s with accompanying shops selling an eclectic range of health food items - from the hugely popular homemade artisan breadsticks, to locally grown job’s tears and organic mini pumpkins. They have fridges stocked with certified organic vegetables and salads at very reasonable prices, as well a tempting array of sweet treats made from good quality raw ingredients.

If you’re dining-in the menu is diverse and interesting, with many vegan and vegetarian options: the sushi rolls with quinoa are a must try for something a bit different. Current locations include Cherngtalay, Phuket Town and Suanluang. There is also a standalone café in Karon.

To find out more visit


The growth of health food items in both Villa Market and Central Food Hall is undeniable. Both supermarket chains now offer an impressive array of super-food

supplements as well as ‘natural’ options for key food groups such as nuts, seeds, beans and legumes. Artisan products, such as ethically sourced confectionery, are a main stay on the shelves, as well as breads made from quality ingredients and freshly baked daily. Organic fruit and vegetables can be purchased at all stores with Central Food Hall regularly visiting their growers to ensure Thai Farms comply with International standards.

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